Bob Gottfried is the Founder of ACE Clinics in Toronto, Ontario.

Bob Gottfried
Bob Gottfried PhD
148 Finch Ave. West North York, ON M2N 2J2 Tel: 416 222 0004

Bob Gottfried  is the Clinical Director of Advanced Cognitive Enhancement (ACE) Clinics in Toronto. He holds a PhD in counselling and has over 25 years experience as a therapist. Bob specializes in neuro-cognitive treatment of attention, memory, and learning disorders, as well as stress and anxiety disorders.

Bob was one of the first clinicians to introduce advanced technologies like biofeedback and neurofeedback in Toronto. He later formulated a complete neuro-cognitive program to treat the above mentioned conditions.

After 10 years of extensive research, he developed unique, patented programs for successfully treating attention and learning disorders (ADD/ADHD/LD, memory disorders, and cognitive impairments related to concussions, head/brain injuries, and stroke). He also created a special program for individuals interested in developing peak mental performance by significantly enhancing focus, attention, and all aspects of memory, as well as effectiveness and speed of cognitive processing.

“What makes this intensive work enjoyable is seeing a child or an adult coming to the clinic with all kinds of difficulties that impair their ability to function well, academically or generally in life, and see them go through the process until they reach a level of performance that dramatically improves their well being and their outcomes in life.”

Bob is the author of Shortcut to Spirituality, Mastering the Art of Inner Peace (DeeperDimensionPublishing). He has talked and written about Attention Deficit Disorders, Dyslexia Asperger’s Syndrome, Executive Functions Disorder, Central Auditory Processing Disorders. Memory Disorders and more.

Outside of the clinic, Bob enjoys photography and cinematography. He has produced a few short films that deal with different aspects of parenting.

Bob Gottfried  is also dedicated to helping parents promote healthy self-esteem habits in children. He has recently completed a special program for parents and young children to help deal with feelings, and plans to make the program available to parents from all over the world.

Bob has also donated neuro-cognitive training programs to children in impoverished communities around the world who are suffering from attention deficit disorders and learning disabilities.